Women every where are conscious of their figure. In ancient times the corset served as the inner wear responsible for contouring the body shape. However it was beset with problems and caused great discomfort to the wearer.

The first designs of corsets were used in ancient Greece. Ever since they have been used to contouring and shaping the female body down the ages. The breast and waist support were commonly made of fabric bands. In the Thirteenth and Fourteenth centuries, the support was made with rigid material included in the vests, giving the body a sleek shape.

Since the sixteenth century corsets have been an essential part of women’s inner wear.

Initially the corsets functioned to pressure and lift the bust and give the back a straight posture. Today it is an element of style and elegance, giving the body a pleasing contour or shape. Initially the corset was an instrument of torture, causing great discomfort to the body and suffocating the wearer.

But the corset of yore has evolved into modern inner shapewear. The original versions are no longer in use. There was an emphasis on structure in the older versions. The new ones are built around sensuality and comfort.

Squeem is an inner wear brand that has revolutionized the ancient corset. It was founded in 2004, as a valuable spin-off from an established powerful brand, the thirty year old Esbilt Brasil. It was the result of the efforts of Antonio Pasos. He owned the most popular beauty institute in Brazil in 1950’s and 60’s and was the founder of Esbilt Brasil.

Antoin had the vision and an entrepreneurial ability to spot a market for revolutionary body shaping inner wear. Thus was born Squeem. Squeem has come to occupy a definite position in the market. Squeem is built around the three values of beauty, fitness and comfort.

Squeem began as a vanity business and turned into a great money spinner. The success of Squeem is based on continuous innovation and use of more comfortable and better fabric. Modern fabric used by Squeem is almost invisible under clothing.

Squeem is the answer for women who are worried about their figure. It is body shaping inner wear that hides the bulges and the fatty spills that disfigure the body while using conventional inner wear.

Squeem comes in a variety of product lines such as Cotton and Rubber waist Cincher, cotton and rubber vest Faja, magical padded panty, magical camisole, sexy body thong girdle, cotton and rubber short vest, cotton and rubber waist cincher for men, etc.

It comes highly recommended by hosiery shops. The fit, the comfort and the superior fabric give it a unique quality. Available in a  range of colors and a variety of sizes, Squeem body shaping inner wear is a much valued brand. It is the instant answer to your body shaping needs minus the pains and troubles of exercise http://waist-trainer.org/silk-floral-brocade-corset-review/, diets and even liposuction.