A good wedding DJ is one that looks comfortable behind the decks. A good DJ enjoys talking to others, meeting new people, networking and making new friends. They are usually first to arrive at parties and last to leave. Good DJs understand that no matter how good they are and how much they know there is always more to learn. A good wedding DJ Lawrenceville GA is passionate about music, in fact they are almost obsessive about their music.

Good DJs will put a lot of work in before your wedding day, probably more than the actual time spent playing music on the night.  Think about request list preparation (we’ll go through your list in detail), site visits, preparing and setting up the equipment & making sure all of the details are taken care of and that your night goes to nothing but PERFECTION!!!.

Talk to the bride and groom about their taste in music. Also, find out about their family and friends’ taste in music.  We spend some time with the bride and groom finding out what styles they would like played at the reception and any particular songs or artists they would like to hear. You can start building a list of potential songs and expand it by researching similar artists or styles.

Knowing the crowd, This rule works across the board, regardless of the type of gig. Sure, the target audience for wedding receptions is basically “everyone”, but when you analyze it a bit more you’ll be able to identify distinct groups of people that you have to cater to. Most weddings have an older group, a middle-aged group and a younger group. Depending on the age of the bride and groom you may end up playing more for one particular group, but remember: wedding DJs need to make sure they cater to each group at some stage of the proceedings. Regardless of age, most people enjoy dancing if the music suits their taste.

HAVE FUN!!!!! At the end of the day, whether we are DJing a wedding reception professionally or as a favor for a friend, you’ve got to remember that this is something we enjoy doing. Providing the atmosphere for people to enjoy themselves should be rewarding for us too.