Barracuda SSL VPN is multiple but here in this Barracuda SSL VPN review attention is focused on SSL VPN-480. This Barracuda SSL VPN 480 offers full featured and easy to use remote-access to both resources and desktops.  This VPN allows its users access to network resources as well as remote desktops in the same way as if users are using their office computer. SSL VPN 480 also features clientless -architecture with few features by using just a dissolvable, lightweight Java based client. This product is found to be easy to manage and deploy. It carries intuitive web-GUI for management purposes. This GUI lacks control over initial configuration but handles remaining management tasks effectively. For initial configuration direct terminal-connection to appliance works well. Main features of this product as discovered by Barracuda SSL VPN review are: 

  • 10 mini rack mount chassis
  • SSL tunneling
  • Layered schemes of authentication
  • Syslog, hardware token
  • High availability/clustering

Along with easy installation, this product is also easy in its usage as well. According to Barracuda SSL VPN review when users log-in by using their password and username, an organized and clean tab top interface is presented to them. This interface gets all of the resources of users categorized by the resource type. Users are also allowed to place their most sued shortcuts on favorite page which will be the page displayed when login is completed. This SSL VPN 480 features many plug and play functions. As per Barracuda SSL VPN review shortcut setups are available for MS remote desktop connection, intranet web-applications, network shares, Citrix server/client application and VNC connections. Access to the applications can also be grouped by groups or users, and users & groups are easy to be directly defined from LDAP or Active Directory. HideMyAss is another cheap choice. ultrareach internet corp If you use a coupon code, the price will be the cheapest.

Documentation includes a short quick start guide plus a full PDF-administrator guide. Quick start guide provides short, clear steps for connecting the tool and for its proper running with basic configuration.  Administrator guide provides in depth instructions for features configuration. Documentation is well organized and the step by step instructions are easy and clear to follow. This company offers 8 hours a day and 5 days a week telephone support. 24/7 email support is also available for all customers at zero cost. Barracuda SSL VPN review reveals that customers have the option of buying additional support-options depending upon the model level they purchase. Web based support is also available including user forum and knowledge base. This product is found to be excellent value provider of your money and is suitable for almost all size organizations. VPN SSL 480 is loaded with easy-to-use features for users and administrators alike.

Barracuda SSL VPN 480 is the integrated software and hardware solution that enables clientless, secure remote-access to internal-network resources from all kinds of web browsers. It is designed for concurrent maximum 100 users. It provides comprehensive security and control over web based applications and files systems that require external access.  As a whole this is a product with good customer remarks.